Welcome to CardTraders.ca v2.0

Welcome to our freshly relaunched website!

The CardTraders.CA team is pleased to launch a newer, far more functional website to make both purchasing from us, and trading or selling to us much simpler and easier!

Though we are still in the process of uploading significant sections of our inventory, as of today the following new features and product sections are LIVE!

New Features
  • Online pricing for all in-stock singles for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Lorcana! (Flesh and Blood and other games will follow at a later date)

  • Online buylist allowing you to submit cards for the above games for store credit or cash purchase. All buylists are subject to review and approval

  • Product listings for all of our instock product, as well as those we can still order or are available for Pre-Order!

Areas we are working on

  • We are currently testing and working on the event calendar functionality. We expect this to be live by next Friday, March 8
  • We are currently uploading large sections of inventory. These include the following:
    • Sealed Hockey Products (ETA March 4)
    • Board Games (ETA March 6)
    • Dice and various game supplies (ETA March 6)
    • Games Workshop (ETA March 8)
    • Card Breaks (ETA March 15)
    • New Loyalty Program (ETA March 22)

We would love to hear your feedback! Please let us know any issues you experience with the site using the Inbox function!